We are delighted you would like to join FC Bluestar!You’ll need to set up an account online and complete a registration form which you’ll find at the bottom of this page. This is crucial to ensuring you child is insured to play. We offer a number of different payment methods, from a monthly direct debit to paying upfront for the season.

We are a volunteer run club and the fees you pay cover the cost of pitch hire, referees, coaches and equipment. It also pays for insurance, which protects your child and our volunteers.

Please read the information below carefully to help you select the right membership.


Renew or your subscriptions here. You can log in to your subscription at any time to update personal details, emergency contact details, medical information.


Just choose a package below to begin. If you are signing up more than one child, select the number of children to receive your discounts.


If you are already a member and want to add a second child to your existing subscription, please select the ‘ADD A SIBLING’ package to receive your discount and log on as usual.


Your subscription will automatically renew. You do not need to do anything once you have set up your subscription. Whilst the club takes a short break over the summer holidays, the subscription cost and any discounts are spread over 12 months. If you decide to leave the club and wish to cancel your subscription, please email:


We use Webcollect for our subscription service. Read our TOP TIPS GUIDE to help you complete your registration with ease. You can also email us at


FC Bluestar kits are available to buy from our online CLUB SHOP. Check with your manager or coach before purchasing. It is possible to buy kits as a whole team or individually.

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